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Sell Your House With Tenants

As a landlord many problems come with renting a house such as making all the repairs and replacement for the house, dealing with problematic tenants. Additionally, other issues can occur when expenses outweigh your property values, including taxes, maintenance, insurance, mortgage. 

Having a property for rent is unquestionably not for everyone. Dealing with tenants who are fully aware of the local landlord and tenant codes better than the owners can quickly become their worst nightmare.

If you are facing this situation, and you do not have the time to go to the courthouse and expend your whole day there to obtain the legal sanction to evict the tenants and collect the back rent, including the reimbursement of the damages that they have made to your home, at Wyohouses we got you covered. Don’t keep searching for ”who buys houses”. We are the solution.



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We are more than glad to get you out of this situation, we can assure you that we have an offer for your house even if it is habited by non paying tenants. Because even if you win the case and go through the judicial process, you will still need to assemble the money from the tenants who are unable or unwilling to pay you what they have to.

If you’ve rented your property out to tenants, you may have been lucky enough to be unaffected by the economy. However, rising unemployment, job losses and income cuts are now so widespread that even good tenants are forced to fall behind on their rent.

Perhaps you have been nice enough to try and work it out with your tenants by giving them extra time to come up with missed payments, instead of just filing for an eviction. However, you have to face tenants that only take advantage of your good nature.

An Easy Process to Sell Your Home

Likewise, you may be the victim of professional squatters who tricked you into letting them into the property and they just aren’t paying. As a home buying company, we have heard that can even happen even with family members who abuse the tenant’s goodwill and go for a free ride.

At Wyohouses, we are actively searching for properties like yours to buy right away. We can buy your home for full market value with no extra fees, no commissions, and no seller subsidies. Including that, you can receive monthly cash flow without making any fixes to your house.

We are the solution to your tenant problems. If you’ve decided that enough is enough and now you are looking to sell the property, don’t worry about the tenants. In most cases, we can buy your property with the tenants still in the house, and deal with any problems after the closing. 

Our process is very easy and straightforward. You only have to complete our form and we can offer full market value for your property. We will send you a free special report on selling your house for the price that you are asking for. Save your money and save your health with us!


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Brad Keller

This was my first time using a sell-as-is service and I was definitely nervous about it but Casey made this process as easy as it could be. Very responsive to any question I had and very accommodating to my schedule. I would definitely recommend wyohouses to anyone.

Joseph Shumway

Positive: Professionalism Casey was very easy to work with and responsive to questions as the process moved forward. He delivered on the agreed-upon contract. We were very pleased with the overall process.

Jenny V

It was an absolute pleasure to work with WyoHouses. They were patient, courteous, and friendly. I had to sell my grandmother’s house and it was a mess. They provided a fair offer and quick closing, relieving my family of that headache. I would definitely work with them again and recommend them to friends.

Maria S

Thank you Blake at WyoHouses for taking good care of us, he listened well was able to solve our problems giving us a fair offer on our property.

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