Looking for your new start Professionally?


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Here are some of the reasons our team loves working for us:

  • Our workspace is dynamic and open, with little structure when it comes to our office setting. Our team can work remotely from anywhere.
  • Our team members work their day around what else is important in their life: family, friends, fitness. We don’t hire people who clock in and out and keep track of hours; we hire people who are goal oriented with a strong work ethic. Some weeks they put in a focused and productive 20 hours and other weeks they hustle for 60 hours because that’s what the project requires.
  • We host quarterly meetings at different locations to help us reset and refocus on our key company goals. These meetings are in person, which deepens working relationships. We aim to start moving these to destination venues in year 2.
  • If a team member isn’t energized and inspired by their work, we make adjustments to find a role that’s a better fit.
  • Our staff members enjoy what they do—interacting with our clients, partners, and investors and helping them achieve their goals while gaining experience and professional growth.
  • We thrive on direct feedback. We ask for it and our team takes the time to give it to one another when it’s requested. Indirect communication slows down meetings, decreases productivity, and ultimately keeps us from achieving our goals. That said, we communicate respectfully and personably. We foster strong relationships among our colleagues, but we aren’t afraid to challenge one another.
  • Most of our team members work on 100% commission.

Looking for your new start Professionally? 

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Our Team Expectations

Humility: Though we are some of the most competitive individuals you will ever meet, we take as much pride in other team members’ successes as our own. We make this easy by being thoughtful and intentional in recognizing progress and accomplishments and providing positive feedback as often as possible. We also realize that our individual ideas may not get picked up as collective decisions are made for the good of the company, but that isn’t a reflection on us personally or even our ideas. We share in the company’s success and failures.

Ownership: We put our team members in positions they can take ownership of, and they thrive because they are able to control their own destiny. We collectively hold each other accountable when needed, but ultimately we hold ourselves accountable. Our team members are proactive and self-motivated. We have a relentless work ethic combined with a competitive spirit. Our team does not shy away from long hours and doing what it takes to close the deal and ensure it’s complete.

Perseverance: We are in this to win, and we don’t give up. Of course we encounter ups and downs on the way to achieving our ambitious goals, but we keep coming back. We know we are always just one “Yes” away from closing a deal. Our team members are go-getters who aren’t afraid to take risks. It’s better to act quickly and learn on the fly than do nothing and have zero impact or growth.

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