What to do when inheriting a property

Inherit A House? Here Are 3 Options You May Have.

Some people get inherited houses due to someone’s death and don’t know what to do with the house. With an inherited house, homeowners get extra costs, which can be a problematic and irritating situation.

So you’ve inherited a house? Well as a homeowner, there are many decisions you’ll need to make. Today you’ll learn about 3 options that you may have when inheriting a home. 

Options You May Have When Inheriting A House

When you inherit a house, you may have only three options available: living in it as it is, renting the entire house, or selling it.

#1 – Live In Your Inherited House

Sometimes when getting an inherited house, some homeowners might decide to live in it because they want to keep the memory alive for their beloved ones who used to live in that house or other reasons.

Pros of living in your inherited house:

  • You get a place where your family memories were made.
  • You will have opportunities to learn more about your family history.
  • You can keep the house as it is instead of selling it.
  • You can save money.

Cons of living in your inherited house:

  • The house might require many repairs and extra expenses that you may not be able to afford at first.
  • You will have limited living space, which is extremely inconvenient if it’s an apartment or small home.
  • You might not know what needs repairs.

#2 – Rent Your Inherited House

The other option that you have is renting your inherited house. Renting out the house may seem like an easy or even the best solution. It can have pros, but there are quite a few issues that you’ll need to consider before fully committing.

Pros of renting out your inherited house:

  • You can collect rent from your tenants, which is a nice boost to the monthly income.
  • You don’t have any long-term commitment towards the house. You can move out at any time and not feel obligated to keep it as an investment property.
  • You can write off the mortgage interest from your taxes when you file for your inherited house at the end of each year. It could potentially help you save thousands of dollars.

Cons of renting out your inherited house:

  • If your tenant damages the house, you’ll be required to pay up if they don’t cover them with their security deposit or on their own accord (depending on what kind of contract you make).
  • The tenant may not treat your house well, leading them to break your lease and leave for another home.
  • You could be responsible for anything wrong with the house and any property damage, which can become costly to repair and replace. 
  • You are required to take the necessary precautions when renting out your inherited house, which means that you will have to get renter’s insurance.

#3 – Sell Your Inherited House

The last option you have is selling your inherited house. You might find it a feasible decision because it’s a good source of income, and it’s easier for you to get rid of the inherited house if you didn’t want it or like it.  

Pros of selling an inherited house:

  • A buyer might be willing to pay top dollar for the home they’ve always dreamed of living in.
  • You’ll receive cash from the sale and won’t have any remaining costs.
  • You’ll no longer have to pay taxes on the inherited home.
  • If the home is in an expensive area, it can be very profitable.

Cons of selling an inherited house:

  • You might disappoint your close friends or relatives that feel like this was meant to stay in the family forever since it had been passed down for generations before them.
  • You will no longer be able to use or enjoy the home.
  • The house’s market value may have declined since you inherited it, so there won’t be much profit from your sale.

Sell Your Inherited House to a Homebuyer

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