How To Deal With Bad Tenants

Owning a second house and renting it out for extra money is always a great idea in Wyoming, but you should know that it comes with many responsibilities. You have to take care of the property, perform regular maintenance and repairs, supply utilities, keep all vital services, such as plumbing, electricity, and heat, in good working order, and the worst part – deal with tenants.

Some tenants are good, but there are many bad ones out there as well. Bad tenants can damage your property, not pay their rent on time, or even get into legal trouble, turning your dream of owning a second home into a nightmare. If you currently have a property for rent or are thinking about it, here are some tips to help you handle bad tenants.

5 Tips to Deal With Bad Tenants

First of all, remember that you have rights as a property owner and should never hesitate to exercise them. If a tenant is not following the rules of their lease agreement, breaking Wyoming laws, or damaging your property, you can take legal action against them.

Here are some specific tips for dealing with bad tenants:

Talk To Your Tenant

Reach out to your tenant and talk to them about your issues. If they are receptive, try to find a solution that benefits both of you. You can warn them, ask them to sign a new lease agreement with stricter rules or give them a deadline to correct the problem.

Teach Tenants How To Behave

Some people don’t realize that their actions are considered bad behavior, so it’s important to educate your tenants on what is expected of them. Send them a letter or an email outlining your expectations and the consequences for not following the rules.

You can also post signs around the property reminding tenants of the rules, such as no smoking, no parties, no loud music, etc. This way, you can prove that they act willfully if they continue breaking the rules.

Keep Detailed Written Records

This can increase your work a little bit but will avoid further problems. Whenever you have a conversation with your tenant, make sure to write down the date, time, and what was discussed. You should also keep track of all communications, such as letters and emails, to evidence you have tried to resolve the issue.

Take Action Quickly

If you’ve tried to talk to your tenant and they haven’t listened, it’s time to take action. This might mean sending them a notice to vacate, starting the eviction process, or even calling the police if they are breaking the law.

Be Professional

If the situation escalates and you are thinking about evicting a tenant, always be professional. This means being respectful, calm, and fair throughout the process. Avoid acting out of anger or frustration, as this will only worsen the situation.

The best way to deal with bad tenants is to avoid them altogether. You can screen them carefully before renting, or simply not renting to anyone and selling your Wyoming house.

Renting Out vs. Selling Your House

There are many reasons why selling your Wyoming house is a better option than renting it out:

  • When you put your property up for rent, you are responsible for everything from the maintenance to the repairs of the property. In addition, you also have to pay for utilities, property taxes, and insurance.
  • You are also responsible for the bad tenants. If they don’t pay their rent on time, damage your property, or get into legal trouble, you will have to deal with it. Managing a rental property can be very stressful and time-consuming, especially if you live in another state.
  • On the other hand, when you sell your home, you don’t have to worry about dealing with tenants. And if you sell through a home buying company, you don’t even have to perform any repair or upgrade to your property, so it’s a very easy and stress-free process.

If you’re considering renting out your home, think carefully about all the pros and cons before making a decision. It might be better to sell your home through home buying companies and use the money to buy a new property you can enjoy as your own Wyoming house.

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