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How Storms Can Affect Your Home Over Time

Year after year, storms can cause severe residential damage, reducing your property value. Dealing with them can often become a burden and a continuous source of financial stress. From roof damage and flooded basements to cracked windows or damaged siding, at a certain point is no longer worthed to keep on wasting your money.


This blog post will help you understand residential storm vulnerability in Wyoming and how it can affect your home and your family’s integrity. Read on to learn all about storms related damage in Wyoming.

Severe Storms & Reduce Property Value

There are 3 major types of storms in Wyoming. They can cause significant damage and even destroy your residential investment, leaving you at risk of severe losses.

  • Tornados: Tornados are one of the most destructive forces of nature. They can cause tremendous damage in a few minutes. High tornado winds can also throw debris against your property, leaving vast and expensive damages.

  • Hail & Rain Storms: Hail storms can be one of the most annoying storms because hail stones can reach up to 2 inches in diameter, causing severe damage to siding and roofs. Heavy rainstorms can also cause damage to homes and property as water collects around foundations, seeps through windows, and leaks on your roof.

  • Electric Storms: Lightings and thunders can be one of the most impressive (and terrifying natural spectacles). Due to electric storms, most Wyoming residents face power outages, fallen trees, and damaged roofs.

Storm Residencial Damage

Water Damage

Water is a vital element, and it’s also one of the most destructive. Water damage results from water intrusion in your home (flooding, rain leaks, broken pipes, Etc). Water damage can cause rust, mold growth, corrosion of electrical systems, or structural weakening if left unattended.

Wind Damage

The wind is a natural force that can be destructive when it reaches high-level speeds. High winds can cause trees and other debris to impact your siding, windows, roofing shingles, and more.

Lighting Damage

Lighting strikes can cause a significant amount of damage to your home, resulting in major electrical issues. If the lighting strikes your roof, it can leave behind a burn or scorch mark that can lead to costly repairs if not addressed quickly.


If your home has suffered from severe roof damage due to these storms, selling your house and looking for a new property is best.

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