Which Time of the Year Is the Best Time to Sell Your House?

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It is well known that selling a house is a process that requires time. During this time, it’s common to meet a lot of people that are interested in buying your house. 

However, what happens if you don’t see that enough people are coming to your Open House, or that your real estate agent is not scheduling as many showings as you expected? Is there any problem with my house? Sometimes there is no problem in your house; it’s just that the time of the year in which you are trying to sell your house is not the right one.

There is time for everything, and of course, there is a time of the year when it is the perfect moment to put a house on the market.

This perfect time depends on the city and the circumstances around the property. In general terms, spring seems to be the best time to list a house, but homes sales increase during the summer months. 

On the other hand, winter tends not to generate as much interest from potential buyers, making the cold months the worst season for selling a home. However, a few people disagree with this since they argue that there are fewer house listings during the winter, which means fewer competitors. They also say that winter home buyers are more serious with their offers.

What Is the Best Month to Sell a House?

According to a report made by real estate research firm ATTOM Data Solutions, late spring and early summer are the best time to sell a house. So we can say that the best month to put a house on the market is May.

Also, there is a huge possibility that you can get more than the asking price if you list your house during this season. However, these facts could be affected in the micro-environment. 

Keep in mind that local market circumstances may play a role in determining the best time to sell your home.

Selling Your Home During Different Seasons

Here are a few aspects you should consider before starting a sales process during any season of the year:

Selling During Spring

As you just read, home sales increase when the weather starts to get warm; and spring is a good time to sell. So you can start preparing your house during winter to start the sales process when spring arrives.

Selling During Summer

The same reasons why buyers purchase in spring apply during summer. In this season, people have more sunshine hours and free time to assist Open Houses and take home tours.

On the other hand, summer is the time of school breaks and people take summer vacations, so there are fewer buyers than during spring.

Selling During Fall

Several people try to move in the early fall to settle before the school year begins or before the weather gets colder. In addition, people look for houses during cold months because of a job transfer or family issues, so they might have a feeling of urgency that can benefit the sellers.

Selling During Winter

Historically, winter is the worst season for home sales. With Christmas gifts to buy, dinners to cook, relatives to see, and so on, it’s understandable that purchasing a home is the last thing on their minds during this season. In addition, during holidays, people are more likely to travel out of town for various reasons; therefore there isn’t enough demand in town for sale.

However, if the weather in your city is warm year-round, you may have the opportunity to sell your home as if it were at other times of the year.

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